Professional Flight Attendant Portrait Photography

Application Compliant

Airline companies require that cabin crew applicants provide professional photographs that meet a certain criteria, size and format.

This usually is a full length body shot, a closer headshot or half body shot. Whatever the requirement from your airline, we can meet the specification for professional compliant photography from our portrait studio in Crawley, near Gatwick Airport.

We offer a fixed competitive price and can provide the images in both digital within 24 hours of your session or printed while you wait

Digital Photo Session – £60  |  Printed Photo Session – £75

Flight Attendant Professional Photos
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Cabin Crew Professional Application Photos

Your Cabin Crew photos play a vital part in the first impression the airline gets of you. It’s important that you follow the airlines guidelines and that you and the photo look professional.

Normally, you will need to provide one full length formal photo (100mm x 150mm), and one identical passport sized (45mm x 35mm) photo and sometimes a further two smart/sophisticated or relaxed photos.

The outfit you take your pictures in should match the one you will be wearing when going to the interview.

How do you create professional Cabin Crew Photographs?

In most cases airline companies require a full length and a passport sized head shot photo. However, air lines can vary in terms of how many photos they need and whether additional relaxed or more sophisticated photos need to be taken as well. In some cases the backgrounds need to be different in shade or colour. For example Emirates may require photos against a white background, however, Qatar require a blue background.

With any job application process, first impressions count! Therefore your application photographs need to be the very best your can provide as they will remain with application throughout the process. Look at the airline flight attendant attire and try to match as best as possible. Here is a guide:


  • Closed correctly fitted/sized jacket
  • Knee length skirt
  • Heels (closed toed / no angle straps)
  • Skin colour stockings/tights
  • No neck scarves
  • Remove jewellery, engagement and wedding rings are ok
  • Remove glasses, no colour contact lens’
  • Remove watch unless you have tan lines


  • Blue, black or grey plain suit
  • Correctly fitted/sized, buttoned up
  • Classic, collar, long sleeves shirt, preferably white
  • Simple tie, the color matching the suit
  • Belt, socks and shoes necessarily matching the suit color
  • Black polished shoes
  • Remove jewellery, engagement and wedding rings are ok
  • Remove glasses, no colour contact lens’
  • Remove watch unless you have tan lines

Airlines notoriously have strict grooming policies for cabin crew with some mandating the exact shades of makeup to be used and only allowing crew to wear their hair in approved styles. Along with your professional attire, you need to pay attention to your personal grooming.


  • Hair professionally groomed in a bun
  • Visible make up (red lipstick)


  • Well cut and neatly done hair, cut no longer than collar length
  • Facial hair is nearly always a ‘no’, play it safe and be clean shaven.

Check your airlines photography guide, however, in nearly all cases posing should be simple, front to camera for both the full length and closeup headshot. Some airlines may require additional shots that may show you 3/4 towards camera.

You need to smile! Make sure your smile is authentic and friendly, and doesn’t seem fake or forced, practice in a mirror if necessary.

  • Happy and natural smile!
  • Full length (the top of your head & your shoes must be visible)
  • Hands straight by side with both legs together.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Facing the camera directly
  • The photo cannot be altered
  • Good lighting with no harsh shadows on the background or face
  • In focus
  • Taken from eye-level height

Photographic lighting should be professional, no flash on camera. Utilising the professional quality lighting and techniques used in commercial studios is a must. Large source, daylight balanced and soft diffused lighting is best, use a second light or reflector to balance the light shading on the face.

Your photographs need to be of high professional quality, inferior photography will show the airline that you do not take your appearance seriously! Use the services of a professional and experienced photography studio such as VisualChaos Studios.

Cabin Crew Professional Photos near Gatwick
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional photography studio is situated in Crawley Down, a couple of miles from Gatwick Airport in West Sussex with easy access and free parking.

We offer both a digital imaging service and a print while you wait service.

For the digital imaging service your photos are processed in 24 hours and are made available to you via internet download. The printed photos are produced at the studio and come as a 6″x4″ full length and second print as on 6″x4″ with a set of 4 headshots. Please allow 15 minutes for these to be produced and printed.

Your photographs comprise a full length body shot (150mm x 100mm) and two headshots (45mm x35mm). If you have  opted to have the images digitally then we make all the images available to you via internet download within 24 hours of the session. If you have opted to have prints while you wait, then you will be able to see and select the one full length and two headshot images that are printed