Commercial food photography while on location

Food Photography is Possible on Location

There’s an impression that food photography absolutely must take place in a specialist studio and that there are so many tricks of the trade that are employed to make food look appetising.  For example using motor oil to make ‘syrup’ that doesn’t absorb into a pancake, or using shaving foam instead of whipped cream. Whilst these are amazing techniques employed by specialist food photographers to create images that make us all drool (despite the fact that we couldn’t actually eat them), there is a growing trend towards creating natural, authentic and lifestyle images.  This is where food photography becomes possible on location.

These images were created at a food production company’s in house studio with their resident chefs and staff on hand.  No food photography tricks (other than great lighting and camera skills) were used and then end results were all entirely edible!  As it was all being prepared, we could also capture some action shots as well increasing the pool of images that the client could deploy on their website and social media channels.

There’s definitely a place for studio food photography but on location food photography has the advantage of meaning your staff don’t have to travel along with equipment and supplies, photography can take place during the course of your normal working day and the finished results can be displayed with the label of them being authentic and true to life – something that it might be really important for your potential clients to see.

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