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Fixed Price & Simple Post-in Service

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Fixed Menu Pricing

We offer a simple fixed price menu for simple product shots

With over 20 years of experience in professional photography, based in Crawley, West Sussex, and creating commercial product images throughout the UK.

Pricing is per product, with up to 3 angles/shots per product. The more products included in the order the cheaper the price per product becomes. Available for any standalone product measuring up to 50cm x 50cm x 50cm in size.

Fixed commercial photography pricing


Fixed Price Product Photography

Websites / Amazon Stores / eBay Shops / ETSY

The photography is compliant with all eCommerce and social media platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, ETSY and Website eCommerce Stores

Your products are shot against a clean high-key white background, professionally lit, colour balanced and cropped and presented as high definition jpeg files. Once you book your product photography, you can either drop the products off, ship them to us or if local, we can arrange to collect them from you. Once the shoot is finished, the products will be returned or collected. Post production is usually 1-2 days following the shoot, depending on the volume and requirements.

Professional product photography in Crawley
Crawley Professional product photography
Commercial product photography in Crawley

If you are in the business of selling products, either online or in retail stores on your website, then at some point you will have looked at how to display those products to your potential customers professionally.  Never has there been a time when we have all been more bombarded with visual imagery, and it can be hard to make sure that your company’s product photographs hold their own and rise above the competition.

Volume Pricing
Top Quality

Professional quality images at an affordable fixed price, with a 2-3 day turn around.

Volume Pricing

A sliding scale based upon product volume, the more your add the cheaper per product the pricing is!

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Professional product photography can be the key to maintaining your brand presence and increasing your sales either through your own website or with your potential clients and distributors.

At the most basic level, your customers demand to see clear product photos before they make the choice to purchase online from you. High quality images that can be zoomed into to allow all the little details to be seen are vital in building trust with your customer base.

For many products, being able to view the item from all angles is a valuable sales tool as with online sales, clients can’t touch and hold the product in their hands.

Therefore, they need to be able to get all that information from your photographs to make sure that they know exactly what they are going to be spending their money on. Google has also started to place more emphasis on the quality of images that you include on your website, reflecting the increasing amount of their customers who use Google to find product images that meet their needs.  So professional product images can bring more people to your website as well as just keeping them there and encouraging them to ‘Add to Basket’

Commercial Product Photography

Alongside the need for clear product imagery, you will also want to make sure that your product photography reflects your company’s brand – that distinctive style that makes you unique in your field.  Strong and consistently branded photography means that customers will be able to pick your products out of the crowd.

Great product photos make people double tap when they are seen on Instagram and other channels, not simply just to give them the information that they need to decide if they want to buy. Social media marketing is undeniably key to building a following of what your company has to offer, and creating branded product images can play a key role in strengthening your brand identity.

What our clients have to say

“I was very impressed with the speed from booking in, to having my pictures delivered. Excellent quality images for my website at a reasonable price. Very simple to do business with”


Your Products Shoot from a Fixed Price Menu

Compelling photos that capture your customers imaginations as well as their attention are much more likely to get those ‘likes and shares’ that are key to reaching new consumers.  Our studio is a very versatile space that allows us to create high quality product images, and we can do this under a fixed price menu while still shooting to a standard commercial grade image format. If this does not cover your requirements or you are looking for a more product editorial image, then we still have options for you to look at and can provide you a full no obligation quotation for your project. Just get in touch to discuss.

VisualChaos Studios has designed its product photography offering and pricing to suit the smaller, owner managed business. Just because your business doesn’t have an international head office, doesn’t mean that you don’t have access to high quality affordable product photography. Book directly with us online by following the links on our page or just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

What is the process? How do I book?
Is there a Product Photography Studio Near Me?

  1. Purchase your Fixed Price Photography Session – use the link opposite
  2. Use the online calendar to book your session in – Monday to Saturday Available
  3. Send us your products before your booking date – you can drop off or post/ship into us, or if local we can collect.
  4. Photography is completed on the day of your booking
  5. Products can be collected following the session, arranged to be shipped back or dropped off.
  6. Post production is completed the following day usually and can take up to 2 days depending on the volume
  7. Finished images are uploaded for you to access and download.
  8. That’s it!

Fixed Price Product Photography

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