How do you take your own passport photo?

Passport photos are a vital part of and passport application. If the photos supplied are not compliant the the passport application will be delayed. Follow the Government guidance below to take your passport photograph yourself, before uploading it to our secure portal to produce your process photo.

Passport Photograph Styles

The photo must be of the applicant:

  • facing forward and looking straight at the camera

  • in close-up of their face, head and shoulders with a recommended head height (the distance between the bottom of the chin and the crown of the head) of between 29 and 34 millimetres

  • with a neutral expression and with the mouth closed (no smiling, frowning or raised eyebrows)

  • with their eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or tinted glasses and no hair across the eyes or eyebrows)

  • free from reflection or glare on glasses, and frames must not cover eyes, we recommend that glasses are removed for the photo

  • showing their full head, without any head covering, unless they wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons

  • with no other objects or people in the photo. This also applies to a photo of a baby or young child and babies should not have toys or a dummy in the photo

  • without shadows in the picture, across the face or backgroung

  • without anything covering the face – nothing should cover the outline of the eyes, eyrbrows, nose or mouth

  • not showing any ‘red-eye’

Passport Photos Must Be

  • be taken against a plain cream or plain light- grey background

  • be printed to a high quality, such as photos printed by a booth or studio (photographs printed at home are unlikely to be of a high enough quality)

  • be clear and in sharp focus

  • be taken within the last month

  • not be torn, creased, or marked, and

  • not have any writing on the front or back, except when one of the photos needs to be certified.


Children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or to look directly at the camera. Babies under one don’t need to have their eyes open. If the baby’s head needs to be supported, the supporting hand must not be seen.

All other photograph standards must be met

What Size Should My Passport Photo Be?

The issuing government will have specific print dimensions and interior head measurements and it is essential that your photos complies. For example the UK passport size is 45 millimetres high x 35 millimetres wide. Not all photo booths will offer the various wroldwide sizes and dimensions. We are able to produce correctly sized photos for over 90 countries, and can even creae custom size templates for countries that we do not hold in our database. If you are not sure what size specification you need, then please check with your issuing governement website.

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