• Is there a Mongolia Passport Photo Photographer near me?
  • Can I take a Mongolia Passport Photo myself?
  • What is the Mongolia Passport Photo size?
  • What are the Mongolia Passport Photo official requirements?
  • How quick can I get my Mongolia Passport Photo and pictures?
  • How much is a Mongolia Passport Photo?

You can easily book online into our studio for your passport, visa or ID photos, or if you prefer you can take the passport picture yourself following our passport photography guide and upload it to our secure server and have us process it for you, to ensure that it meets the official biometric compliant format for your country.

You can then download the processed photo ready for your government submission.

If you come to our studio in Crawley West Sussex you will obtain your photos while you wait. If you take your own and upload it for us to process, it will be processed in 24 hours if not sooner. Mark your order as URGENT if you require sooner.

The official government passport photo specification, size, colour background and processing steps are below.

Upload your own photograph
Guide to How to take your own passport photo
your country’s specification, Size and Format

Mongolia Passport, VISA and ID Photos

Format and Specifications Available

  • Passport (35×45 mm)
  • Visa (35×45 mm)

Processing Steps

  • Determine the format specification you need

  • Take you Photo – Follow our Guide

  • Alternatively,  book with us to take your photo – Book Here

  • Order your Online Passport Photo, and upload your new digital photograph – Order Passport Photo Here

  • Select whether to have digital or prints in the post. Digital passport photos can be printed anywhere at the size of 6″x4″. If your have us take you photo then the prints will be produced while you wait.

  • That’s it! – Please remember the passport photos need to be taken within the last 6 months. As a rule to comply with GDPR we do not keep copies of passport photos we produce.

Photo Photo Conditions

  • Full face front view
  • Looking straight forward towards the camera
  • Neutral face expression – mouth closed
  • Nothing covering the face
  • Without any head covering
  • Eyes open and clearly visible (nothing covering)
  • Without any hair across the eyes
  • No flash reflections or red eye
  • No sunglasses or heavily tinted glasses
  • No shadows, no refection or glare on glasses
  • Glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible (we recommend taking them off altogether)
  • No shadows on face or background
  • Neutral, plain white, bright uniform background (not patterned or busy)
  • No retouching of the photo is allowed

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Your Own Photo

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ICAO Complaint Biometric Passport Photos

With over 30 years professional photography experience and the use of specifically developed software that is designed especially for passport and ID photography, we can guarantee that your passport specification will meet the controlling government’s requirements, size and specifications.

If not, we will refund your money.

The photos are processed in line with strict GDPR compliance protocols and delivered to you in a secure and password controlled manor. Once you have received the processed passport, visa or ID photo, we then completely deleted them from our servers. As a rule passport photos whould have been taken in the last month, and not later than 6 months before your apply.