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Full Restoration of a WW2 Map for the Normandy Landings

Restoration of a valuable WW2″ D-Day invasion map! It is a narrative that tells the story of 500 men of 170 Company Armoured Brigade and their 12-month journey into France through to Germany.
The restoration took 5 hours.
Map ready to be restored digitallly World War 2 Map Restored

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Family Photo for restorationFamily Photo for restoration completed

Priceless Family Photos Restored to their Former Glory

We all have photographs from our grandparent’s generation that have been locked away in boxes in the attic, many have got water damaged or have been folded and have become fragile. We can digitise these for you and restore your most valuable heirlooms.

Scan & Digitise

If your pictures are in good health, we can arrange for them to be digitised for you so that you can share them and save them for eternity


It doesn’t matter how big or small your most valuable pictures are, we can restore or repair them for you to keep forever

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We will need to take a look at the prints/photos before we can quote you on how long it will take to complete the work. Use the quotation form to upload some quick phone photos of the prints/photographs so we can see the extent of the restoration needed.