A Salesman

Screenplay by M. Robert Turnage, 26screenplays.com and Steve Fisher

So, we finished our first ever short film!

Wow, that was a huge learning curve… The reason I wanted to do one is that as part of the video training and learning curve it is often said that there is no better training than hands-on with the making of a short film as you have to be a jack of all trades and the wearer of many hats.

From the script, through the shot listing, direction, and production, equipment and camera settings, lighting, composition, storytelling, working with talent and film locations, the editing process with the latest NLE software, and of course sound!!…. The list is endless.

It was a lot of fun and given that it was my first, shot on two Sundays and edited in 4 days over Christmas, it’s just about ‘ok’ I think… Roll on the next one!

….. anyway, take a look, turn up the play-back quality to HD 1080p and crank up the volume and give it the thumbs up … or not I guess.

Pizza Flour Product Photography

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Shooting Bath Gel Product Photography

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The beauty industry is booming with more people than ever focused on health and wellness. A little pampering has become a very popular form of self-care with more people than ever choosing to create their own home spa experience, especially after all that time in lock down when the hotel facilities were closed. Scents and fragrances are such an important part of any beauty product with many shower and bath gels opting to present their products in clear bottles. This gives a high-end look with the product clarity and colour becoming the key feature.

Local Business Product Photography

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Fixed price product photography service anywhere in the UK. Send product(s) to us for a quick photoshoot and we will ship them back