Great Product Photography Increases Sales

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If a picture is worth 1000 words then imagine what this might mean when converted into currency? The photography on your website, social media and product sales pages can make all the difference to your bottom line. Increasingly time-poor consumers have been turning to online shopping as a way to ease the schedule squeeze.  A few clicks and your item arrives at your doorstep - saving all that time, expense and effort of visiting a bricks and mortar location.  That's great news if you have an online business but it also means that you ...

  • Product Photography with Tinyland Playstuffs

Product Photography with Tiny Land Playstuffs

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It was our pleasure to work with Tiny Land Playstuffs recently to photograph their eco-friendly bath fun range for children.  It's always a pleasure to work with local businesses and this one really couldn't be any more local being based in Turners Hill.   Their range of craft related products has been designed with a great deal of love and attention to be kind your kids with all ingredients being plant based and food grade, and kind to the environment as well. This shoot was a little different to our standard product photography as ...

  • Commercial Product Photography in Crawley Down West Sussex

From Products to Profit – Great Product Photography Helps ‘Hook’ the Buyer in this Fishing Business

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Fly Fishing Rods and Reels Product Photography We've been working with Thomas Turner Fly Fishing Antiques since the beginning of the year, helping them to build their online sales by providing professional photography of all their fishing rods, reels, and attendant paraphernalia. Here you can see us creating the rod images in our studio - the reels are small and compact and so can be taken care of in our dedicated product photography studio - but obviously, the rods require a bit more space to capture them both in their entirety and also ...

  • Ghost Mannequin Commercial Photography

Invisible Mannequin Clothing Photography

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Invisible or Ghost Mannequin Photography Invisible mannequin, ghost mannequin or hollow man clothing photography is an extremely cost effective and eye catching way to photograph your clothing range. As you can see by some recent images that we created for company to advertise their new range of workwear available to purchase, the clothing is photographed on a model or mannequin that is removed during the post production process to give the clothing a 3D look. It allows you to showcase your clothing both inside and out with the distraction of a ...

Product Table Photography

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Professional photography comes in many guises, sometimes it is babies and young children, others times it fine art and boudoir... Then when it comes to commercial photography it can be 750 very expensive antique fly fishing rods and reels! Fish and Fly Ltd recently acquired a job lot of fishing equipment which was destined for sale on their web store and yes, they need to be photographed professionally. The shoot took 24 hours (just the photography bit) and I needed the talents of a chiropractor afterward, given the toll it took on my back shooting for 8 hours ...

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