• Whiskey Bottle Product Shot

Product Photography at our Crawley Down Studio

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VisualChaos Studios is a professional photography business that specialises in all areas of commercial photography including product photography.  We are based in Crawley Down (halfway between East Grinstead and Crawley in West Sussex) and our versatile studios can manage all types of product photography needs. We are able to assist you at all stages of your product photography from assisting in understanding your creative needs and creating lifestyle type images of your products in styled environments through to the simple white background product photography that will likely form the mainstay of your website (including ...

  • Personal Branding Photography Sussex Surrey Kent

Personal Branding Photography for Small Business Owners

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Personal branding photography is a relatively new term which relates specifically to small business owners. More than headshots, these are a set of photographs that capture and promote your key asset - you! Marketing your products and services is made much easier for the small business these days with the rise and rise in popularity of social media. However, this also has made filling your little squares or LinkedIn profile ever more challenging as your business is only ever shown at its best when you are publishing high quality content on a regular basis.  A personal branding photography ...

  • Head shots professional east grinstead, crawley and Sussex

How to Choose your Clothes for your Professional Head Shot Photo Shoot

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A professional headshot can make all the difference to how your clients and potential clients see you and your business and you definitely want to make the most of your shoot by choosing the right outfit to project your business image.Of course, you might already have the perfect outfit selected but if you're not sure what's best, then here's some advice on how to make that decision... First of all, you want to be comfortable with your choice so it's worth setting aside a few minutes in your schedule to make the decision rather than ...

Top Tips for Great Head Shots

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Professional corporate headshots are the perfect way to make a great first impression in an age when potential clients are likely to see your photo before they meet you in person. The time and financial investment are small and the results can be a great boost to your marketing profile.  Here are our top tips for fantastic headshots... Sleep Well For a couple of nights before your shoot, try to get a good night's sleep, avoid alcohol and heavy meals and stay well hydrated.  Yep, it sounds like you're preparing for ...

  • Store Business Opening Launch Professional Photography UK

Store Opening and Business Launch Photography

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The opening day of a new business or a new store is a very exciting time. It is also the culmination of a long period of extremely hard work and planning in order to get to this point. A professional photographer is a must to do all of that work justice and capture your new business, location or launch party with all the attention that it deserves. While you have your hands full checking that everything is running smoothly and looking its best, your professional photographer will be working in the background to provide you with high quality ...

  • Professional Photography at your Business Awards Ceremony

Professional Photography at your Business Awards Ceremony

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Award ceremonies can be a big occasion in your company's calendar - whether you are attending in the hopes of winning or holding them as a way of recognising and rewarding your staff and their achievements.  A professional photographer can give you the kind of high quality photographic coverage that you need to show these glamorous events off to their very best. Awards events, particularly those held in the evenings can provide some challenges when it comes to capturing high quality photographs as the room can be dimly lit with brightly spot lit or coloured areas and the ...

Great Product Photography Increases Sales

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If a picture is worth 1000 words then imagine what this might mean when converted into currency? The photography on your website, social media and product sales pages can make all the difference to your bottom line. Increasingly time-poor consumers have been turning to online shopping as a way to ease the schedule squeeze.  A few clicks and your item arrives at your doorstep - saving all that time, expense and effort of visiting a bricks and mortar location.  That's great news if you have an online business but it also means that you ...

  • Marketing your Small Business in Sussex Surrey and Kent

Marketing your Small Business

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There are many small business owners who have already set in motion their plans to make 2020 their most profitable and successful year ever.  There is no doubt that working for yourself has its advantage but it can be tough, especially if you are working alone. A national media group recently published a study that cited marketing as the business challenge facing small businesses.  Marketing is so much more than advertising - it's about adding your company's value at the heart of everything you do so it shines out to your potential clients as they come across in ...

  • Professional Business Head Shots Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead West Sussex

Professional Business Head Shots in Crawley Down, Sussex

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Professional Business Profile Pictures Getting your profile picture updated can be one of those things that you put off doing.  It just seems to slip down your ever filling to-do list and that's understandable when you're dealing with the day to day tasks of running a business. The good news is that it couldn't be faster or simpler to get a set of professional business headshot photographs at our studio so take the plunge, make the booking, and tick that item off your list for good. Go on, you know you'll feel better ...

  • Product Photography with Tinyland Playstuffs

Product Photography with Tiny Land Playstuffs

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It was our pleasure to work with Tiny Land Playstuffs recently to photograph their eco-friendly bath fun range for children.  It's always a pleasure to work with local businesses and this one really couldn't be any more local being based in Turners Hill.   Their range of craft related products has been designed with a great deal of love and attention to be kind your kids with all ingredients being plant based and food grade, and kind to the environment as well. This shoot was a little different to our standard product photography as ...

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