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How to Prepare for your Head Shots Photo Shoot

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Professional Headshot Photography So you've bitten the bullet and finally got round to booking a professional head shot photo shoot. Soon you will be waving goodbye to that LinkedIn profile picture that's been making you cringe just a little bit every time you've seen it pop up because ...

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Personal Branding Photography for Small Business Owners

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Personal branding photography is a relatively new term which relates specifically to small business owners. More than headshots, these are a set of photographs that capture and promote your key asset - you! Marketing your products and services is made much easier for the small business these days ...

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Professional Business Head Shots in Crawley Down, Sussex

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Professional Business Profile Pictures Getting your profile picture updated can be one of those things that you put off doing.  It just seems to slip down your ever filling to-do list and that's understandable when you're dealing with the day to day tasks ...

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Head Shots for a Psychotherapist

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This newly qualified psychotherapist was looking for images to accompany her business launch. She had very clear ideas about the type of image that she wanted to project in that she wanted to look approachable and engaged - as she would when she meet her clients. Of course, creating ...

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Head Shots with a Fitness Theme

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This gentleman came to visit the studio to create an updated series of images for his health and fitness businesses. We created a variety of images to take care of all of his social media channel needs from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn. We also created some more casual ...

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Commercial Photography – Meeting Coverage for Trade Press

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Providing Photography for Trade Press VisualChaos have been working for a few years with Insider Magazine - the UK's B2B magazine. We have been covering their regular meetings across the South East to provide the images for their magazines. These meetings ...

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Professional Head Shot Photography for your Business Online Profile

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Professional Headshot Photography for your Business Profile A professional business photograph can make all the difference in how your online presence is perceived by your clients and potential clients. A single session in our studio in Crawley Down (between Crawley and ...

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Head Shots and your LinkedIn Profile

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Head Shots and your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is one of the commonly overlooked social media platforms but, when you’re working in a B2B environment, it’s a huge missed opportunity if you’re not making the most of it. From its foundation in 2002, LinkedIn sees an average ...

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