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Personal Branding Photography for Small Business Owners

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Personal branding photography is a relatively new term which relates specifically to small business owners. More than headshots, these are a set of photographs that capture and promote your key asset - you! Marketing your products and services is made much easier for the small business these days with the rise and rise in popularity of social media. However, this also has made filling your little squares or LinkedIn profile ever more challenging as your business is only ever shown at its best when you are publishing high quality content on a regular basis.  A personal branding photography ...

Top Tips for Great Head Shots

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Professional corporate headshots are the perfect way to make a great first impression in an age when potential clients are likely to see your photo before they meet you in person. The time and financial investment are small and the results can be a great boost to your marketing profile.  Here are our top tips for fantastic headshots... Sleep Well For a couple of nights before your shoot, try to get a good night's sleep, avoid alcohol and heavy meals and stay well hydrated.  Yep, it sounds like you're preparing for ...

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Professional Business Head Shots in Crawley Down, Sussex

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Professional Business Profile Pictures Getting your profile picture updated can be one of those things that you put off doing.  It just seems to slip down your ever filling to-do list and that's understandable when you're dealing with the day to day tasks of running a business. The good news is that it couldn't be faster or simpler to get a set of professional business headshot photographs at our studio so take the plunge, make the booking, and tick that item off your list for good. Go on, you know you'll feel better ...

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Head Shots for a Psychotherapist

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This newly qualified psychotherapist was looking for images to accompany her business launch. She had very clear ideas about the type of image that she wanted to project in that she wanted to look approachable and engaged - as she would when she meet her clients. Of course, creating a natural look in the studio can be tricky in the studio if you are feeling a little apprehensive about having your photograph taken so we took some time to get to know each other at the beginning of the session so she was feeling relaxed and happy and could ...

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Head Shots with a Fitness Theme

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This gentleman came to visit the studio to create an updated series of images for his health and fitness businesses. We created a variety of images to take care of all of his social media channel needs from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn. We also created some more casual portraiture that could be used on his website including these more non-traditional images as it was important to the client that the images reflected him in his traditional 'workwear'. VisualChaos Studios can offer a tailored head shot service to make sure that you get exactly the images that you need ...

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Commercial Photography – Meeting Coverage for Trade Press

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Providing Photography for Trade Press VisualChaos have been working for a few years with Insider Magazine - the UK's B2B magazine. We have been covering their regular meetings across the South East to provide the images for their magazines. These meetings are held in various locations and usually have the main focus subject although they also provide an excellent networking opportunity and discussion forum for the local business leaders that attend. Book Commercial Photography Book Commercial Photography ...

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Professional Head Shot Photography for your Business Online Profile

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Professional Headshot Photography for your Business Profile A professional business photograph can make all the difference in how your online presence is perceived by your clients and potential clients. A single session in our studio in Crawley Down (between Crawley and East Grinstead in West Sussex) can provide you with a number of images that you can add to your blog, your website, your LinkedIn profile and any other printed or online media.  All of our headshot sessions include images edited and made available to you in both high resolution and ...

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Head Shots and your LinkedIn Profile

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Head Shots and your LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn is one of the commonly overlooked social media platforms but, when you’re working in a B2B environment, it’s a huge missed opportunity if you’re not making the most of it. From its foundation in 2002, LinkedIn sees an average of 260 million active users per month (25 million of which are here in the UK) with over half a billion users overall. It’s a playing field loved by recruiters, marketers and potential clients alike and whilst we all know that we’re not supposed to judge a book by ...

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Business Profile Photo Shoot – Adding Professional Hair and Make Up

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Adding Professional Hair and Make Up to your Business Profile Photo Shoot A business profile photoshoot can be something people put off doing because of a general dislike of having their picture taken. However, presenting a professional and polished profile picture on your website and social media accounts is a really important part of your first impression to clients and potential clients and so it might be time to 'bite the bullet' and book in for a headshot photoshoot. We're very used to people feeling a little nervous at the beginning of ...

Daniella Rose Hair – Professional Hairdressing Head Shots

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Daniella is an up and coming star in the hair world and she's just opened her own salon - Daniella Rose Hair in Worthing. So we were delighted to provide her with her official corporate headshots for use on her website and across a range of business marketing platforms and literature. We experimented with different looks and outfits to make sure that she had photos to suit different occasions, promotions, and marketing platforms.  Professional headshots are perfect whatever industry you are working with and vital in fact when making a great first impression ...

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