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Business Promotion Videos – Antique Fishing Tackle

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Business Promotion Videos Today was a day for our video team surrounded by a host of very valuable fishing antiques as we joined forces again with our regular clients, Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques, to build upon the last series of short videos that we created together. This series of videos is designed to build their social media following, raise awareness of the range of fishing antiques that they carry as well as to market some of their higher valued items to the discerning collector. Featuring the leading expert in the industry, John ...

School 50th Celebrations Video

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Abbots Down Primary School - Drone Clips Drone Media Imaging was recently hired by VINCE Media Ltd... to shoot some aerial clips for their video production of Abbots Down Primary School in Tunbridge Wells, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. The clips will be used to for the ending of the finished video. MORE INFORMATION

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