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The Knoll House

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Aerial video such as this is simple quick and very affordable. Get in touch for pricing and availability - especially while the weather is soooo goooood! A simple aerial view of your hotel property can seriously enhance your presentation! It only takes a few minutes [...]

Commercial Photography & Videography – on the Ground and from the Air

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VisualChaos offers a wide range of photography and videography services designed especially for the smaller owner managed businesses. We offer the same high quality service that you would expect along with a high level of customer service but we can also, more uniquely, offer [...]

10 Facts About Video Marketing to Demonstrate how Powerful it can be for your Business

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Unless you've been hiding away somewhere exotic with no internet access for the last couple of years (and congratulations if you have!) then you can't fail to have seen lots of information about how important video marketing is becoming for both businesses and their clients and potential clients.  Here's [...]

Small Business Video Services – Promoting Christmas Photo Shoots for Sarah Fisher Photography

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Small Business Video Services When it comes to communicating with potential clients, video can be a really simple and effective way of getting your message across.  This is especially true when the message is very visual, such as this photographer's Christmas photo shoot [...]