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Small Business Promotional Video for Advanced Valeting and Detailing

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ADVANCED VALETING & DETAILING We worked with Advanced Valeting and Detailing to create a short promotional business video for them.  Filmed at their workshop on the Hollingbury Industrial Estate in Brighton, they were keen to showcase the care and attention to detail that every car receives with their services and  highlight the important of proper preparation in the paint protection service to maximise the benefits of this process. Founded in 2005, this care care emporium offers a wide range of valeting and detailing services to both domestic and corporate clients and it was ...

  • Video Event Coverage Sussex Surrey Kent

5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing

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Videos have become a far more important tool in business marketing in the last year with 2020 set to be its biggest year yet. From simple animations through to almost cinematic corporate productions, businesses everywhere are turning to video to engage with clients and to motivate potential clients and generally promote what they have to offer. Here's five powerful reasons why... Google.  We love Google and Google loves video as, by its nature, it encourages visitors to your website or social media channel to ...

The Linda Paradis Group London Conference

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VisualChaos was asked to cover the world leader in tattoo removal, the Linda Paradis Group, as they are speaking at their London Conference which was being held at the Arora Hotel in Crawley, Gatwick. Linda is a world leader in the field of dermatology and in particular in tattoo removal, having pioneered a revolutionary technique that doesn't involve lasers or surgical excision to make the ink invisible.  With more than 25 years experience as a clinician, trainer and international examiner, Linda is currently on a world tour spreading the knowledge of this technique. In ...

Drone Filming for Sport Relief and BBC One Show

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BBC One Show and the "Mother Of All Challenges" We were hired to film aerials for the BBC One Show's Mother of All Challenges with Alex Jones for Sports Relief at Dorny Lake which was the venue for the 2012 Olympic Rowing. The shots were used for the event promotion and general advertising, One Show and Sports Relief social media campaigns. Full details about the challenge can be viewed on the Sports Relief website here: www.sportrelief.com/news-and-tv/mother-of-all-challenges Don't forget to donate!

  • Video Event Coverage Sussex Surrey Kent

Video Coverage of Charity Events

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VisualChaos Studios were delighted to be invited along to the Sussex premises of Scobie McIntosh. Our brief was to provide coverage of an exciting charity baking event that they were holding with the aim of giving back to the homeless in their local community. www.scobiemcintosh.com Scobie McIntosh is a family business with a long history, having been established in 1885.  They provide their clients with high quality food service solutions, from catering and baking equipment, to coffee and other vending solutions at the design engineer, service and ...

  • Christmas Photo Shoots Crawley Down East Grinstead

Small Business Video Services – Promoting Christmas Photo Shoots for Sarah Fisher Photography

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Small Business Video Services When it comes to communicating with potential clients, video can be a really simple and effective way of getting your message across.  This is especially true when the message is very visual, such as this photographer's Christmas photo shoot events. The photographer really wanted potential visitors to the events to be able to see and experience the sets that would be there so they can better imagine how their children would look in the finished images.  So we undertook to make a short video, interspersed with finished images to ...

  • Event Video Coverage Sussex Surrey Kent

Short Video Event Coverage by VisualChaos Studios

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VisualChaos Studios were pleased to be asked to return to the Sussex Baby Show to create a series of short videos to promote future shows from both a visitor and exhibitor standpoint. This was a two day event designed to bring together exhibitors and families at all stages from expectant parents to established parents with several children.   There were a series of workshops running alongside the exhibition with talks and taster sessions on lots of subjects, including one by Natasha Kaplinsky who was there to represent her brand Mum and You. The show organiser ...

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Business Video Production in Sussex

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Small Owner Managed Commercial Video Services VisualChaos Studios is based in the heart of Sussex and we specialise in making simple cost efficient business videos for small owner managed businesses of all types. We offer competitively priced video solutions which mean you will know the cost of your investment at the start of the process so you don't need to worry about spiralling budgets and added post production costs. Video can be expensive when employing traditional video companies, but in to days media world when small business just need simple social media video ...

  • Advanced Valeting and Detailing Business Promotion Video

VisualChaos Studios and Advanced Valeting and Detailing

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Another exciting new project on the slate for VisualChaos Studios working with Advanced Valeting and Detailing. Forget a bucket and sponge when it comes to taking care of your care, these guys offer a seriously high quality valeting and detailing service, including ceramic paint protection to keep your pride and joy in top condition for longer. In business since 2004 and based in Brighton (East Sussex), this business offers a wide range of car care services, from mobile interior and exterior valeting through to advanced enhancement detailing to address minor paint defects and enhance the ...

The Knoll House

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Aerial video such as this is simple quick and very affordable. Get in touch for pricing and availability - especially while the weather is soooo goooood! A simple aerial view of your hotel property can seriously enhance your presentation! It only takes a few minutes flight and a simple edit to produce a short clip for your website and social media postings. Properties in beautiful gardens and surroundings can truly be set free when shot from the air. Knoll House Ferry Road, Studland, Dorset, BH19 3AH 01929 450450 info@knollhouse.co.uk Their ...

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