Primrose Hall Nurseries and Peonies

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Primrose Hall Nursery Peonies A few years ago, we were part of an exciting flower-themed photoshoot at our West Sussex studio to showcase two of the signature blooms of the renowned Primrose Hall Nurseries. This was a shoot of two halves as we created mini nightclub sets and images to capture the personality of the Alstroemeria – a vibrant bloom with a definite party feel. Then it was on to a completely different feeling section with the cool, calm, and always beautiful peonies. Pastels and a ballet theme reflected their elegant grace. We were ...

Primrose Hall Nursery

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Great to see Alec White, a previous wedding client of mine, again this week as he brought in a new flower brand to be photographed for the Gardeners World show in a few week's time. The plants being used in the styled garden to reflect a 'Night Club' scene and a 'Chill out' Scene are Alstroemeria and Paeonia (peony) Alec White Primrose Hall Nursery Tel: 01525 878924 │ Fax: 01525 876557 E-Mail:  Web: Growers of Interesting & Unusual Plants │ Garden Design & Planting Advice

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