• Advanced Valeting and Detailing Business Promotion Video

Small Business Promotional Video for Advanced Valeting and Detailing

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ADVANCED VALETING & DETAILING We worked with Advanced Valeting and Detailing to create a short promotional business video for them.  Filmed at their workshop on the Hollingbury Industrial Estate in Brighton, they were keen to showcase the care and attention to detail that every car receives with their services and  highlight the important of proper preparation in the paint protection service to maximise the benefits of this process. Founded in 2005, this care care emporium offers a wide range of valeting and detailing services to both domestic and corporate clients and it was ...

  • Christmas Photo Shoots Crawley Down East Grinstead

Small Business Video Services – Promoting Christmas Photo Shoots for Sarah Fisher Photography

2020-04-20T14:52:34+01:00January 5th, 2020|Categories: Commercial Video|Tags: , , |

Small Business Video Services When it comes to communicating with potential clients, video can be a really simple and effective way of getting your message across.  This is especially true when the message is very visual, such as this photographer's Christmas photo shoot events. The photographer really wanted potential visitors to the events to be able to see and experience the sets that would be there so they can better imagine how their children would look in the finished images.  So we undertook to make a short video, interspersed with finished images to ...

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