We worked with Advanced Valeting and Detailing to create a short promotional business video for them.  Filmed at their workshop on the Hollingbury Industrial Estate in Brighton, they were keen to showcase the care and attention to detail that every car receives with their services and  highlight the important of proper preparation in the paint protection service to maximise the benefits of this process.

Founded in 2005, this care care emporium offers a wide range of valeting and detailing services to both domestic and corporate clients and it was genuinely impressive to see the amount of time and effort that Steve and his staff take to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect when a client returns to collect their vehicle.

For this video, we shot a mix of footage including interviews with Steve, the founder and business owner, his assistant Mark and even a customer so thrilled with the service they receive that they were happy to go on camera to give their testimonial.  It’s great in this type of video if you can bring in clients to speak on your behalf as it really helps to build viewer trust in your business.  The filming process doesn’t need to be a long and daunting one for them, as they only have to speak to the camera for a few minutes to help deliver the message that your business is one with many happy customers.

We also took some time to capture some of the detailing work flow, the range of professional products that the business uses, and of course the finished results of all that hard work.

When we film this type of video, we usually schedule a morning or afternoon to capture enough footage to create a 3 – 5 minute finished piece perfect for online marketing and showcasing your business or certain aspects of ti.  We use the same type of high specification filming, sound recording and editing products that would be deployed in large scale corporate productions but we tailor this product to the needs and the budgets of the small business owner.

The cost for producing your own business promotional video with VisualChaos Studios is £595 – including consultation and planning, half day filming and production of the finished video.  If you’re a part of our small business community at ChaosWebs – our web hosting and media company tailored specifically for the SME owner-managed businesses then you can receive the same great quality production values at a reduced rate as part of your hosting package.

With increasing amounts of people engaging with businesses online before making any purchase decisions, your online presence needs to be stronger than ever for you to stand out from your competitors.  Video is a great way to make a strong and lasting impression on your potential clients.  Use the button below to find out more or get in touch to talk over your requirements in more detail.

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