Invisible Mannequin Clothing Photography

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Invisible or Ghost Mannequin Photography Invisible mannequin, ghost mannequin or hollow man clothing photography is an extremely cost effective and eye catching way to photograph your clothing range. As you can see by some recent images that we created for company to advertise their new range of workwear available to purchase, the clothing is photographed on a model or mannequin that is removed during the post production process to give the clothing a 3D look. It allows you to showcase your clothing both inside and out with the distraction of a ...

A photograph of you – yes it does help sell!

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If like me you are a user of Viking Direct office products you will remember that the catalogs always used to come with a photograph of Ian Helstead, the MD on every cover and it felt like half the pages. The reason is simple, brochures, flyers, and catalogs all get a superior response when they feature a face, and when the person's image is repeated over and over on all materials and media, then they get an even better response. I think business owners frequently shy away from this idea, that somehow it's self-aggrandisement – I recognize I do ...

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