Corporate Event Professional Photography Sussex Surrey Kent

When you’ve invested a lot of time and potentially money in staging a corporate event, it makes sense that you maximise this investment with a professional photographer with experience in capturing the event and giving you images that can become marketing tools for you (both internally and externally).  Our images are routinely used for publication in magazines, press and websites and they serve as visible markers of your company’s progress and success.

We work to unobtrusively capture all sizes of events from small meetings to large conferences and awards ceremony, documenting and capturing events as they unfold without interfering or halting appearances.  Conversely we can also set up a small mobile studio that is ideally suited to award recipients to capture them with their prize, even offering on site printing if required.   We offer a mix of action and background photography to capture speeches and presentation but also to create images of branding, signage, breakout sessions, audience reactions and anything else you require.

We understand that the speed of the image delivery is likely to be important to you so we make everything available for digital download to the relevant parties at the close of the following working day.

  • Speeches and Presentations

  • Branding and Signage

  • Audience Arrivals and Reactions

  • Networking and Breakout Meetings

  • General Scene Setting

  • Fast Image Turnaround

  • Digital Download for Easy Accessibility & Sharing

  • Mobile Studio

  • Onsite Printing

  • Professional & Experienced