Should you shoot your products yourself?

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Professional product photography offers you the chance to capture images of your goods at their absolute best so that you can showcase them on your ecommerce website and social media sales channels in all their glory and, more importantly, your potential customers to admire and purchase.

There are a rise in DIY home product photography kits on the market and you may be tempted to shoot your products yourself, and why not? You probably think that it will be cheaper and easier to do it yourself, less fuss and quicker turnarounds. However, this may not be the case.

These kits will cost you an initial outlay, you then have to have the space to set them up and as they are likely to be cheap Chinese imports they certainly don’t come with a crash course on commercial grade product photography.  Then once you have completed the photography, what about post production? It is true that there are several free software application around, but do you have the time to invest in learning these or the skillset required? If so then you are good to go… If not then why not take a look at what you get from a professional product photographer.

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Lighting shiney material such as chrome can often be difficult and complex

  • Professional Equipment, Camera and Lighting

  • Professional experience, know-how and expertise

  • Professional post-production software, experience and expertise

  • Dedicated time and agreed turnaround / Delivery

  • Professional consultation and advice

The Professional Photography Option

Professional quality lighting and lenses, not to mention professional photography experience and techniques can make a substantial difference to the end results.  The importance of a high level of detail to allow your customers to zoom in and move around to fully examine your product before purchase means that you will be giving them all the information that they need to ‘add to basket’ and checkout.

More common these days is to show your products in a 360 spin, so that potential customers can view all angles of the product, as if they were holding it in their hands. Giving customers this opportunity reduces refunds and returns and makes your website and social media marketing stand out from the crowd.

At VisualChaos Studios, we price commercial product photography under both a fixed price menu with discounts for volume or by the hour for editorial work and CGI post production, please ask for a quote.

You can either drop your products off at the studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex and collect after the shoot is complete or ship them directly to us, if you are local we can collect and drop back.

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