Professional Produced VLOG Posts

We’ve been working Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques for over a year now, providing them with their product images for their website and social media.  Their selection of antique rods, reels and fishing paraphernalia really is second to none.

This was a little departure from the norm as they were keen to increase their web content and social media presence by producing a series of VLOGs for their client to view.  These were to be a mix of general information about fishing antiques, tips and tricks for the collector (or potential collector) and focus in on specific reels showing their special features and to promote the sales of them via their website.

Initially, they had thought of simply using a mobile to film these but they weren’t happy with the production value. These are high value items that they are working with and they felt that they should be presented as such with a professional film.  That way their customers and potential clients could really enjoy the content that they were provided without being distracted by production problems.

So we were delighted to spend the day filming the first part of their brand new VLOG series.  They had a resident expert who would be doing the presentations (and there truly wasn’t anything that this guy didn’t know about antique fishing equipment!) and they had their series all planned out so we could fit the maximum amount of filming content into the course of the day.  We are always happy to consult with you on the planning that you need to carry out before the shoot day to get the most from your filming investment.

Some time spent at the beginning of the day producing the perfect consistent lighting and sound setup and then we were ‘cameras rolling’ to cover the content.  The final result was a series of 12 short movies (ideally a VLOG would be between two and three minute pieces – this is the ideal time for the average web viewers attention span).   All for the cost of a single day’s filming and including the production of the finished pieces with the necessary edits and opening credits.

We look forward to working with them in the future as we’re sure that the fishing enthusiasts and collectors will really enjoy the level of detail in the content that they are offering.

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