Red Passport Owners Urged to Check their Passport before Travelling

Red passport to be discontinued

There are some important passport changes that many people are unaware of that have come into play since the UK has left the European Union.

Travellers to European destinations are being urged to check their passports in plenty of time before their journey to avoid any problems at passport control. The issue is that your passport is only now valid for ten years from the issue date.  Passports issued before the UK left the EU had an additional 6 months until the expiry date – this now no longer applies.

For instance, if your passport was issued on the 21st June 2012, your expiry date will be printed as the 21st December 2022 but in actuality, the new regulations will mean that it won’t be valid for travel from the 21st June 2022.  It’s easy to get caught out so the advice is to double check and make sure you renew in plenty of time.

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