Clothing Photography using the Ghost Mannequin Technique

ghost mannequin clothing photography

If your business sells clothing of any sort, you’ll appreciate how important it is to showcase your range in the best possible way to your potential clients. Obviously in a bricks and mortar store, customers are free to touch, feel and try on garments for themselves, but that’s not an option when it comes to online retailing.

The trend for online shopping was already on the increase pre-Covid but the fact that we couldn’t visit stores in person for such an extended period, introduced internet purchasing to those who had been slow to turn to it in terms of fashion.  It’s a trend that shows now signs of slowing as even though the stores have reopened, many people have found the experience of browsing huge ranges of clothing online and having them delivered to their door too convenient to stop.

This, and the lockdown boom in new businesses, have meant that there are many new clothing retailers entering the market.  Individuals who had long dreamed of launching their own range finally found the time to do so and folk who only relied on a ‘real life’ store, created their own web presence so that they could keep trading throughout 2020.  This has created a wonderful environment for shoppers looking for unique and designer brands and an incredible opportunity for online retailers to capitalise on this new market.

The biggest challenge you face when you are retailing clothing online is creating product imagery that both entices and informs your customers.

Your potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the clothing – seeing it displayed in a flat lay (however beautifully styled) may not be enough to persuade them to click on that ‘add to basket’ button.   Live model photo shoots will always have a place in fashion retailing, but they are costly and can be difficult to arrange – particularly if you often change or add to your range.

Ghost mannequin photography might be the perfect solution when it comes to showing your customers exactly what you have to offer.  A ghost mannequin is simply a specialised type of mannequin that is designed for clothing photography as it comes with removable parts that, in the photography studio, allow any item of clothing to be captured and presented as having a 3D form without the distraction of any of the actual dummy showing.   The mannequin can be photographed from any angle or to create an interactive ‘image’ which your clients can spin for themselves so they can see what they are buying from any angle they choose.  The more information that you can offer your buyers, the more likely they are to confidently continue through the checkout process.

VisualChaos Studios have designed their ghost mannequin photography service to be affordable for the smaller, owner managed business.   Working from our purpose built studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex, we can work through a product range or any size to create high quality images or video for a surprisingly affordable rate.   A small investment in product photography can make such a huge difference when you are detailing in the competitive world of online retailing.   Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we are happy to help.


Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography

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Ghost Mannequin Commercial Photography
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