Commercial Video Production for Small Business

Did you know that video can communicate information to the value of 10,000 words for every word that’s written down?  Powerful stuff indeed…  This means that video is the perfect solution for marketing your business to your customer base who largely view internet content on their mobile device.  They haven’t got the patience to read long blog posts on small screens but video provides the opportunity to offer them bite sized information about yourself and what you have to offer.

Today’s world is very visual and people are very used to obtaining their information through image and video.  People are more inclined to believe information when they see it with their own eyes so offering a visual representation of your business is not only letting potential clients find out more about you, you’re also improving your credibility in their eyes as they are discovering you for themselves.

Search engines and social media are now weighting video content more heavily in their algorithms, meaning that this content is placed before your potential customers more often than the written word.  Whereas TV advertising spots are expensive beyond the reach of nearly all small businesses, online video marketing is virtually free.  Incorporating video into your website and social media channels has never been easier and platforms such as YouTube have never been more popular as information sources.

Professional video with VisualChaos Studios is priced to be within the price range of all small businesses and to allow you to capitalise on the power of video marketing.  So whether you are looking to produce explainer videos about your company or products, a series of vlogs, video case studies of your business or customer successes, then just get in touch and VisualChaos Studios are happy to talk through your requirements.