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It’s not like we don’t all have a fairly good quality camera in our mobile phone never mind what actual camera we own, so why go pro when it comes to photographing what you’re trying to sell?

First off, quality is king when it comes to product images on the web.  Potential customers want to be able to really ‘see’ the product if they aren’t able to touch it.

Different angles, zooming in – it all helps the buy to make the decision to add an item to their cart and checkout.  Gaps in the views or lack of detail in the image can mean that they become concerned that this isn’t the right product for them and they’ll look to source an alternative.  Professional product photography ensures the quality and resolution is there to give your clients all the information they need and no excuse to look elsewhere once they’ve found you.

Printed product literature in all it’s various forms needs a different image specification to website imagery.  A professional photographer will take one image and provide all the technical variations you need so your product range appears seamlessly across multiple platforms.   No re-shooting and no trying to match previous shots to get a consistent look and feel across your brand.

Some websites, such as Amazon, have a very specific set of criteria that they require to be met before they will allow products to be sold on their website.  A professional photographer will be able to meet these first time and every time so you don’t meet any delays in getting your product out there to make you money.

Professional product photography will be standard and repeatable so you don’t loose the look of your brand as you add to your product range over time.

As we move increasingly away from bricks and mortar shopping into an online retail environment, your products need to stand out.  Professional photos with high quality and consistent look and feel show your prospective clients more than just your product details and features.  It also shows that you take your business seriously.  They demonstrate that you are professional and value their business enough to have invested in your photography.

At VisualChaos, we can cater for all sizes of product photography from simple table top sized items through to larger custom set ups and displays.  Just get in touch for a reasonably priced quotation to showcase your products professionally.