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There’s lots of articles out there about leveraging increased sale from your website and with online business forming such an important part of many firm’s sales offerings these days, I’m always interested to read them.

One thing that consistently gets a mention is the quality of the images and videos that you use to present your products. When a potential buyer can’t see and touch your products in person, it’s really important for them to feel that they can at least look at them in some detail on your website before making a purchase. Folk are so used to shopping online now that high quality images that can be zoomed into, really will be enough for them to decide if the product is right for them or not.  Without this, there’s a chance that they will be unsure of the quality and move onto the next retailer.

Most clothing web sites already offer photographs of outfits that you can rotate and zoom in and pan across the product. The 360 degree rotation approach seems very popular with shoes and handbag retailers.

But Mark Bage, owner of Sarah Coggles says “We looked into rotational photographs, but have found that four excellent pictures of a shoe or jacket are just as good and we can guarantee the images loaded in a nanosecond.”

Rikki Hunt, director of Nine Fashion says “It’s worth investing in quality photography. We employ two local models and a professional time photographer every there’s a new range.”

The addition of video recording has some interesting changes, not simply boosting sales, but reducing returns – the curse of the online retailer.

Mark Newton-Jones, CEO of Littlewoods says “We’ve seen benefits in terms of customer engagement, improved conversion rates and higher sales.”

My-Wardrobe is introducing the ability for users to select several clips and products at the same time and then see them as a personal catwalk show. “The idea is to view all ”Winter Wedding” clips or all “day dresses” to aid buying decisions.” says CEO Sarah Curran, “Every product has to be photographed, styled and be made as accessible as possible. We use video to add energy and movement.”

The last key goes under the unfortunate term “searchandising”, but essentially this means showing the buyer other related products to those that they are looking at. This may be as uncomplicated as showing “the look”, those products which complement the chief top or dress say. Or you may want to go the Amazon route with “what other people bought” tags.

Offering your potential buyers the opportunity to experience your product in detail with both photography and videography really can make all the difference to your business sales and ultimately, your bottom line.