Commercial Heasdshots

It’s an old saying but a true one that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  These days, there’s a good chance that your customer will see a picture of you before they ever meet you and so it’s really important that your headshot really projects the right image for you.

Too many times if you scroll through LinkedIn, you see snaps and holiday photos used as profile pictures, and, whilst this is fine on other social networks, on professional business networking sites, you’ll definitely want something more professional.  Here it’s worth making the small financial and time investment to get your headshot photos professionally taken.

It’s important that, when you meet a contact from LinkedIn, that they can recognize you in your business model and they feel comfortable accepting a contact invitation.  A great quality professional image can accomplish this for you.

Here’s our top five pieces of advice for the perfect headshot…

  • Keep It Simple – Don’t include too much background or distracting props or objects.  The viewers focus should be on you.

  • Pick a Close Up – profile pictures are only thumbnail sized and you want your face to be clear so choose a head and shoulders image.  Much closer than that can appear odd but if you think of the proportions that you’d see in a passport photo (only more flattering and with more personality of course!) then that’s where you want to be

  • Keep it Current – Use a current photo (you don’t want people to be surprised when they meet you) and get your shots updated if you have a major image or career change.

  • Be Consistent Across Your Business Marketing Platforms – keeping the same profile pictures means that you are easily recognised, no matter what the platform.  You can use other photos on your website or in articles and blog posts.

  • Dress Accordingly – If your main work is in an office environment where business dress is the norm, then dress this way for your headshots. If you never wear a suit, then don’t wear one for your photos, you’ll feel uncomfortable and this can show in your finished images.

Corporate Head Shots Linked In Profiles Sussex
Corporate Head Shots Linked In Profiles Sussex
Corporate Head Shots Linked In Profiles Sussex

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Corporate head shots in the studio include your five favourite photos to download at both print and online resolution and are currently priced at £60 (discounted from the normal price of £95).  We accommodate different looks, backdrops and an outfit change to give you a great variety of images to choose from.

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