Videos have become a far more important tool in business marketing in the last year with 2020 set to be its biggest year yet.

From simple animations through to almost cinematic corporate productions, businesses everywhere are turning to video to engage with clients and to motivate potential clients and generally promote what they have to offer.

Here’s five powerful reasons why…

Business Video Marketing with VisualChaos Studios
Business Video Marketing with VisualChaos Studios
Business Video Marketing with VisualChaos Studios

Google.  We love Google and Google loves video as, by its nature, it encourages visitors to your website or social media channel to stay for longer than your standard page browser.  These longer engagement times are rewarded in your search engine rankings.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what value can you put on video?  It’s so much easier to explain a concept, a product or a set of business values via a combination of audio and video than it is via text.

We love to share. Especially on social media and when clients share your video, they’re doing some of your marketing for you.  76% of users surveyed recently said they would share a branded video if it offered value to them – whether this be information or entertainment.

Everyone’s mobile these days.  Folk are so used to watching video on their phone or other mobile device that they’re 1.4 times as likely to watch an advert here as on television.

Emotional engagement builds trust. People do interact with video on an emotional level.  As they form their own impressions of what they have viewed, they are more likely to trust those impressions and therefore your company / product / service.