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There’s been a huge upturn in the sales of sanitising products since March 2020 for obvious reasons but they’re not a new product by any means.  We have been working with Opus Innovations recently who have been working to create innovative sanitising and baby care products since 2009.

Opus was born when the two founders were working in Japan to launch a product and discovered that there was an antibacterial water that was safe enough to use on a newborn, on food, on feeding bottled and even to ingest.  They saw the potential of this amazing product that also contained no alcohol, harmful chemicals or preservatives and a mere 12 months later, a factory was set up in the UK to manufacture their equivalent product – Aquaint 100% Natural Sanitising Water.

It’s a brand new type of 100% natural sanitising water that kills 99.9% bacteria in seconds and can be used in so many settings from birth, so not just for a pandemic!

They wanted new photos of their whole range to update their website and to begin selling via their own Amazon store and so they got in touch with VisualChaos Studios to take care of it for them.

Their products are quite challenging to photograph in that they are in white bottles and both their own website design and Amazon require that images be set against a white background.  It can be technically challenging to light a white product correctly so that it doesn’t disappear against the background and leave you with a floating label!

The other challenge with their products that needed a professional touch is the fact that the bottles are also reflective – it’s an art to tame and shape the light that you use in order that the product looks it’s best without any of those over exposed reflections that give away the lighting source that was used.

Our product photography studio is designed to meet these challenges however as it is a very versatile space with lots of lighting and backdrop options.  As experienced commercial photographers, we are able to provide all types of product photography – from simple white background pack and website shots through to creative editorial work.

All you need to do to start the process of getting your products professionally photographed is to arrange to have them delivered to our Crawley Down (West Sussex) based studio, we shoot them and then return them to you.  You aren’t required to be present as we will have established exactly the shots that you want during the briefing process and so you are free to get on with running your business.   We work to create high quality product images that showcase your range in the best possible light and return your products when we are finished. Each product image is then passed through our editing suite to ensure it is the best that it can be before it’s made available to you to use in your business marketing.


Commercial Product Photography

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Professional product photography in Crawley
Commercial product photography in Crawley
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In this age of online shopping, high quality and flattering product images can be key to boosting your business.  Our product photography studio is designed specifically to offer this service to smaller, owner managed businesses – to offer you the chance to enjoy big business quality images at very reasonable prices.

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Commercial Product Photography