Business Profile Pictures Sussex

Top Tips for Fantastic Business Profile Pictures

As potential clients are likely to engage with you in digital form – whether this be on your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile – before they meet you, a professional head shot can help introduce them to the ‘you’ you want them to meet.  At VisualChaos Studios, we have years of experience in making sure you look your best in the studio but here’s just a few things you can do in advance of the session to make sure you’re 100% ready to make that perfect first impression.

  • Sleep Well – yes OK, you’re not preparing for the catwalk but its worth getting a good night’s sleep for a couple of nights before your appointment to make sure you look your most refreshed.  The same applies to avoiding alcohol and heavy meals the night before – skip these and you can be fresh as a daisy for your shoot.

  • Watch What you Wear – you will know what suits you best and what will be the strongest image to project for the industry you work in. Our advice would be to avoid bold patterns and logos and anything too elaborate as this can distract from the main focus of the photo – you! You’re welcome to bring along options to incorporate a change of clothes if you’d like to.

  • Don’t Go with Black and White.  Black and white photos are classic and timeless but we’re all competing in a digital age sand so we’d recommend going full colour to look as up to date and natural as possible.

  • Act like a Teenager and Pose in Front of the Mirror.  That sounds odd but the reason professional models are comfortable in front of the camera (apart from their high cheekbones and size zero status) is that they practice in front of a mirror so they know what works for them.  We’re not suggesting it takes hours but a few minutes trying things out in front of your reflection will help you find the looks you like and may also help to calm any camera nerves.

  • Look Straight Down the Lens.  There’s a temptation in a studio to look past the camera but you want your potential customers to feel immediately engaged with you. So just imagine you’re looking right at them when you’re looking into the lens.

  • To Airbrush or Not to Airbrush? This is almost the first thing that people ask use to do and it can mean different things to different people. We will of course pay attention to each of your photos, removing any temporary blemishes, brightening eyes, subtly whitening teeth, and smoothing skin a little where required.  Of course, if you’d rather we didn’t then just let us know.  Yes, we can take 10 years off you but do you really want to see a client with a confused face when you meet them in person? Our goal is to present you as professional, smart and polished but still as you – we think you’re perfect that way.  For an added boost, then you can add professional hair styling and make up to your session – just ask for details.