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The first lockdown in 2020 and the year that followed caused many people to take a look at their lifestyle, their priorities and their hopes for the future.

All of this introspection lead to record increases in people taking the plunge and launching their own businesses or making the move from side hustle to full time occupation.

For some it was about necessity as their usual occupation was no longer available to them, but it also gave people time to reflect and to plan to begin a new adventure that had only seemed like a pipe dream in the past.

In order to successfully introduce potential customers to a new business at a time when we were all told to stay at home, meant that online sales portals became absolutely essential.  From social media, to group sales websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy or to a custom website dedicated to the new venture – online shopping was the way to go.

Where customers cannot browse in person – in stores or craft events – the quality of the images that they can view online becomes even more important.  Many of these new businesses are offering handmade and unique items for sale and great product photography is essential to show the difference in quality and style over the mass-produced brands – customers can’t appreciate what they can’t see.

Product photography has become even more than just clear shots of an item against a non-competing background – video clips and 360 spins of a product have all become something that a buyer expects when they are browsing online. In a crowded marketplace, where they can’t see what they want within a few seconds, they are very likely to simply click onto the next available option.

VisualChaos Studios are ideally placed to create the kind of image content that offers your customers a comprehensive and detailed view of what you have to offer them.  We have designed our business and our pricing structure to be perfect for the smaller owner managed business so it can be a lot more affordable than you thought – a minimal investment can make all the difference to your profits!

Our studio, based near Crawley West Sussex, is a professional product image creation environment where we have many options in terms of capturing your products in a way that is perfect for you. From simple, white background product shots to more creative lifestyle set ups, 360 product views and ghost mannequin options for clothing ranging – just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’re happy to help.

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Simple and cheaper than you might think!

Ensure that your products photographs or video product shots are high quality and professionally shot, you only need to do it once, so why not do it right!