Professional Corporate Head Shots in Sussex
Professional Corporate Head Shots in Sussex

Professional corporate headshots are the perfect way to make a great first impression in an age when potential clients are likely to see your photo before they meet you in person.

The time and financial investment are small and the results can be a great boost to your marketing profile.  Here are our top tips for fantastic headshots…

  • Sleep Well

    For a couple of nights before your shoot, try to get a good night’s sleep, avoid alcohol and heavy meals and stay well hydrated.  Yep, it sounds like you’re preparing for a model shoot but you want to look fresh as a daisy and these things really will help.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    It sounds odd but it might be worth practicing in front of a mirror until you find the look that suits you.  We time to take lots of pictures so you don’t have to stick to just one expression but sometimes it helps to settle any camera nerves if you’ve had a practice run when you can see the results.

  • Choose Your Outfit Carefully

    Avoid bold patterns and logos (unless it’s your company logo of course) and it’s best to have full-length sleeves.  You’re welcome to bring along a change of clothes, and ring more if you’re not sure and we’ll be able to advise you.

  • It’s Not All Black and White

    There’s a temptation (especially for ladies) to go for a black and white headshot.  It is timeless and classic and yes, it has a place in some industries but as a general rule, go for high quality and go for colour.  We’ll provide a variety of orientations to suit different websites but if you have a particular requirement size-wise, just let us know.

  • Give it to them Straight

    Straight down the lens that is.  There’s a tendency for some folk to look past the camera but you want your potential clients to engage with you right from the outset so go with eye-contact, in this case, between you and the lens.

  • Airbrushing?

    This means different things to different people but it’s one of the most common requests in the studio.  We will pay attention to each of your images to brighten your eyes, remove any temporary blemishes, and perform a degree of flattering but subtle skin smoothing if you would like us to.  Of course, if you don’t want us to then just say so.  You need to think of your headshots a little like your business dating profile picture. Yes, we can take off ten years but do you really want to see a confused face when you meet a client in person?  You’ll look like a smart, polished and professional version of you in your finished images and we think you’re perfect that way. If you want some extra attention, then you can book to have Sarah, our resident MUA, and session hairstylist takes care of your hair and makeup.