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Personal branding photography is a relatively new term which relates specifically to small business owners. More than headshots, these are a set of photographs that capture and promote your key asset – you!

Marketing your products and services is made much easier for the small business these days with the rise and rise in popularity of social media. However, this also has made filling your little squares or LinkedIn profile ever more challenging as your business is only ever shown at its best when you are publishing high quality content on a regular basis.  A personal branding photography session is designed to help you with this by creating a whole lot of images that you can sprinkle across your social media channels and website over a period of time and that supplement your usual content while allowing your customer to personally engage with you.

Professional photography is definitely the way to go with this as you are investing in creating a set of images that show off you and your brand in the best possible light.  This could be across a wide range of subjects or in differing environments, from relaxed on location portraiture of you, your family, your pets and in your home, to you in your working environment alone or with clients and even can include some close up product photography.  This means that your photographer needs to have a good knowledge of how to capture all of these different styles of images to give you the best possible return on your marketing investment.

In a world where digital content is king, personal branding photography is a way of setting yourself apart from your competitors.  Your clients and potential clients are likely to engage with images that show them a little more about you than what you do – small business owners are their own best asset!  Shopping local is very popular and a lot of people place value on moving away from anonymous brands in favour of people that they can come to know and trust.

A personal branding session can be scheduled for a full day or half day and we’re happy to recommend ideas that will make sure that we maximise your investment and get you the widest variety of images allowing you to make the very best first impression on people looking for what you have to offer.

Commercial Photography

VisualChaos Studios specialises in providing professional commercial photography around the UK.  We can offer competitive rates for event coverage, head shots and product photography so simply get in touch for further details.