Business Profile Pictures Sussex
Business Profile Pictures Sussex
Business Profile Pictures Sussex

5 Reasons to Get Professional Profile Pictures

We’re all very used to taking pictures with our phones now. In fact, people are probably photographed more than at any other time in history but there’s a big difference between a photo that’s snapped of you in casual mode (even if you really love the way that you look in it), and a professional business profile picture.  Here’s five reasons why you should upgrade your business head shot on your website and social media accounts…

  • You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.   In today’s digital age, there’s a pretty good chance that potential clients will see you picture online before they meet you and you want them to have a strong and positive first impression of you as a professional person.  Don’t waste the chance to start your relationship with a future customer on a really strong footing.

  • A Professional Photo Shows you Invest in Yourself and Take Your Business Seriously.  It’s a small financial investment (only £60 for a photo shoot including five digital images) but it demonstrates to your client that your image matters to you.

  • Stand Out from the Competition.  In a world where lots of people still use poor quality pictures to represent themselves in a business environment, you’ll stand out from the crowd with your professional pictures.  Looking better and more professional than your competitors is definitely an advantage when potential clients are choosing who they want to do business with.

  • Stick in a Potential Client’s Memory.  A professional photograph, especially one that really captures you and the image that you want for your business, is a really memorable thing.  If you use it across multiple social media outlets as well as your website, potential clients will see it, remember it and most importantly recognise you – putting you at the forefront of their mind when they think about your industry.

  • Want to be Seen as a Professional?  Then you need to look professional, it’s as simple as that.  A professionally taken, clear and memorable profile picture is a really simple and low cost way to project a professional image right from the outset.

Book a Profile Photo Shoot

Business head shot photo shoots normally take place at our studio – we are based in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead in West Sussex.  A session includes your five favourite digital images (selected from your online gallery a few days after your shoot) to download and use on your marketing literature, website and social media accounts and costs from £60.  It’s a small financial outlay to project your perfect professional image.