Great Product Photography Increases Sales

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If a picture is worth 1000 words then imagine what this might mean when converted into currency? The photography on your website, social media and product sales pages can make all the difference to your bottom line. Increasingly time-poor consumers have been turning to online shopping as a way to ease the schedule squeeze.  A few clicks and your item arrives at your doorstep - saving all that time, expense and effort of visiting a bricks and mortar location.  That's great news if you have an online business but it also means that you ...

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Product Photography at our Crawley Down Studio

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VisualChaos Studios is a professional photography business that specialises in all areas of commercial photography including product photography.  We are based in Crawley Down (halfway between East Grinstead and Crawley in West Sussex) and our versatile studios can manage all types of product photography needs. We are able to assist you at all stages of your product photography from assisting in understanding your creative needs and creating lifestyle type images of your products in styled environments through to the simple white background product photography that will likely form the mainstay of your website (including ...

  • Team Head Shots on Location Sussex Surrey Kent

Team Head Shots on Location

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This team were all hypnotherapists in training, gathered together at a local hotel for part of their training course.  As they are nearing the end of their education process, they are all getting ready to establish their practices and so it was the ideal time for them to get head shots for use on their website, marketing literature and social media accounts.  These are professional hypnotherapy practitioners and so they deserve business profile pictures that reflect this. We attended the training venue during the lunch hour with our mobile studio to capture their profile photos with the minimum disruption ...

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Commercial Photography with a Musical Twist

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Commercial Photography for a Musician Something a little different in the studio recently to the 'standard' commercial photography head shot.  This lady has lots of pictures of her playing her cello at various locations around the world but she came to visit our Sussex studio to create some images of her in a more artistic vein - perfect for using on her marketing material, social media and website. The cello is by nature a stunningly beautifully instrument with it's feminine curves and this one was a particularly lovely antique (I won't even mention ...

  • Commercial Product Photography in Crawley Down West Sussex

From Products to Profit – Great Product Photography Helps ‘Hook’ the Buyer in this Fishing Business

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Fly Fishing Rods and Reels Product Photography We've been working with Thomas Turner Fly Fishing Antiques since the beginning of the year, helping them to build their online sales by providing professional photography of all their fishing rods, reels, and attendant paraphernalia. Here you can see us creating the rod images in our studio - the reels are small and compact and so can be taken care of in our dedicated product photography studio - but obviously, the rods require a bit more space to capture them both in their entirety and also ...

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Marketing Photographs for a Professional Dancer

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Photographs for Marketing and Promotion When you are self employed particularly, there is a lot of pressure to be constantly marketing and promoting yourself across your website and the various social media platforms.  Publishing creative images regarding your work and your field of expertise is a great way to do this - strong images encourage people to engage with your posts or blog entries and find out more about you and what you have to offer. Of course, mobile phones and digital cameras mean that you can easily take and publish photos of ...

Aspire Buisiness Consulting Heatshots

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Great to meet Mike Adams from Aspire Business Consulting and provide him and his colleague with some new headshots for their new website. Aspire Business Consulting is led by Mike Adams, an MBA and Chartered Member of the CIPD. He has over 25 years experience in management and consulting in Organisational Development in a wide variety of businesses. At Aspire, we believe that in order to develop excellent people, you need to provide them with excellent support so we only work with highly respected HR and development professionals. Whether you need coaching, training design, delivery, facilitation or specialist ...

Commercial Photography & Videography – on the Ground and from the Air

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VisualChaos offers a wide range of photography and videography services designed especially for the smaller owner managed businesses. We offer the same high quality service that you would expect along with a high level of customer service but we can also, more uniquely, offer an aerial photography and videography service via our sister company - Drone Media Imaging. Fully qualified and licensed drone / UAV pilots, we can offer a range of state of the art drones and cameras to suit all occasions along with the experience necessary to apply for all of the ...

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Why Professional Product Photography is Important

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It's not like we don't all have a fairly good quality camera in our mobile phone never mind what actual camera we own, so why go pro when it comes to photographing what you're trying to sell? First off, quality is king when it comes to product images on the web.  Potential customers want to be able to really 'see' the product if they aren't able to touch it. Different angles, zooming in - it all helps the buy to make the decision to add an item to their cart and checkout.  Gaps ...

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Be the Face of your Business!

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If you're a small, owner managed business, you have so many different roles to play that it's easy to forget that you are, as far as your clients are concerned the face of your business. When they are searching for people with your skill set online (and these days, unless you're in a prominent physical location, it's more likely that they'll search online than find any other way), you have 20 seconds to make a first impression and hold their interest for long enough to be able to deliver your message.  So your profile photo really does need ...

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