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If you’re a small, owner managed business, you have so many different roles to play that it’s easy to forget that you are, as far as your clients are concerned the face of your business.

When they are searching for people with your skill set online (and these days, unless you’re in a prominent physical location, it’s more likely that they’ll search online than find any other way), you have 20 seconds to make a first impression and hold their interest for long enough to be able to deliver your message.  So your profile photo really does need to be more than an after thought or a picture that you use to simply get ‘something’ out there.  The impression that you make on your potential clients needs to reflect the values of your business and a professional business head shot is one really easy and effective way to do this.

Your photograph should feature on your social media accounts as well as your website and you will also be asked for it to accompany any articles that you wish to submit for publication.  A high quality up to date head shot can only be an asset in presenting your professional self to an online or print viewer.

We are able to offer you studio head shots in a variety of styles, including varied backdrops and lighting to create the image that you would like.

Check out some of our other blog posts if you’d like advice on how to prepare for your photo shoot or how to choose your clothing or we’re always happy to help and advise where we are able – just get in touch if you have any questions.

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