Product Photography in East Grinstead Crawley Down West Sussex
Product Photography in East Grinstead Crawley Down West Sussex
Product Photography in East Grinstead Crawley Down West Sussex

VisualChaos Studios is a professional photography business that specialises in all areas of commercial photography including product photography.  We are based in Crawley Down (half way between East Grinstead and Crawley in West Sussex) and our versatile studios can manage all types of product photography needs.

We are able to assist you at all stages of your product photography from assisting in understanding your creative needs and creating lifestyle type images of your products in styled environments through to the simple white background product photography that will likely form the mainstay of your website (including it meets any requirements if you are selling through an external website such as Amazon).

White Background Product Photography

We offer clean and sharp, high resolution images against a white background which are perfect for so many of your sale and publicity requirements.  We have a dedicated product studio designed to carry out this function with maximum efficiency, ensuring photos are consistent and high quality every single time. Unlike many studios, we don’t charge on a per item basis but on a half day / day rate which means you can achieve far better value on your photography investment – as many products that we can capture in the allotted time period are yours for a simple flat fee.

Lifestyle Product Photography

White background product photography is incredibly useful but sometimes you will also want to show of the function and features of your product in a carefully styled lifestyle environment to really entice them into finding out more about what you have to offer.  We are also able to work with you to provide this type of product photography with our main studio providing us with a versatile lighting and backdrop set up which we are confident will meet your needs.  Again, we don’t charge this on a per item basis but on a half day / day rate so you can plan your budget and be sure of keeping to it with a simple flat fee

Suitable for All Business Sizes including Small, Owner Managed Businesses

If you are a small, owner managed business, you might have thought that professional product photos are outside of your budget.   However, our simple and flexible pricing structure means that you can set your budget at the level that is right for you and still receive high quality professional images (and video where required). In this digital age, great quality high resolution images are essential to boost your sales by providing your potential customers with all the information that they need and so a small investment here really can make all the difference to your sales figures – and it will probably be more affordable than you think!