professional dancer marketing promotion photos sussex
professional dancer marketing promotion photos sussex
professional dancer marketing promotion photos sussex

Photographs for Marketing and Promotion

When you are self employed particularly, there is a lot of pressure to be constantly marketing and promoting yourself across your website and the various social media platforms.  Publishing creative images regarding your work and your field of expertise is a great way to do this – strong images encourage people to engage with your posts or blog entries and find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Of course, mobile phones and digital cameras mean that you can easily take and publish photos of your work, or of yourself in action but sometimes it’s worth setting aside some time and budget to create something completely different to capture the imaginations of your clients and potential clients.

This lady booked a session in the studio to capture some images of her as a professional dancer but she wanted something different to her simply holding various poses and positions as she has plenty of performance photos that demonstrate this very well.  So we played with various concepts that incorporate aspects of her dancer personality from light and airy to dark and edgy to produce a full range of images that she can deploy throughout the year in terms of social media and blog content as well as use on her website and marketing literature where required.

An hour session can easily yield enough content to last you throughout a year as our versatile studio and post production techniques allow us to create a wide variety of looks and styles.  Just get in touch to talk over your ideas and we’re always happy to help.

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