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We’ve been working with Thomas Turner Fly Fishing Antiques since the beginning of the year, helping them to build their online sales by providing professional photography of all their fishing rods, reels, and attendant paraphernalia.

Here you can see us creating the rod images in our studio – the reels are small and compact and so can be taken care of in our dedicated product photography studio – but obviously, the rods require a bit more space to capture them both in their entirety and also to showcase some of the fine detail.  This business was established in 1838 and is the oldest supplier of antique fishing tackle, exporting their goods to fishing enthusiasts around the world.

Prior to coming to us for their photographs, they had never been happy that their goods were shown to their best advantage, with the images they had taken themselves not demonstrating the level of detail in the product.  Given that some of these antique items are at a high price point, it’s vital that potential buyers can see all of the detail and condition and be certain of exactly what they are buying before they go ahead and complete their purchase.  So each reel is photographed from numerous angles to capture all of the detail and the rods are photographed with their cases, as a whole, and as a close up in order to give the buyer all the information they need to press that ‘add to basket’ button.  Without this type of photography, it’s likely that the buyer will move on to something else or the seller will have to spend extra time providing specific information.  This way, the buyer has everything they need to complete the purchase there and then – the goods are packed and on their way and the profits just keep rising.

Competent and professional images can not only enhance the appearance of your website and therefore the professional image that you are putting in front of your buyers but they can also remove the obstacles to purchase by giving your customer all the information they need in one simple web page.  Great product photography really can increase your profits!

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Product photography prices vary according to the number of products you need to be photographed at once and the level of detail you need your photography to provide for your potential buyers.

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Commercial Product Photography in Crawley Down West Sussex
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Commercial Product Photography in Crawley Down West Sussex

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Commercial Product Photography in Crawley Down West Sussex

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