business commercial videography sussex surrey kent
business commercial videography sussex surrey kent
business commercial videography sussex surrey kent

We were back on familiar territory last week, creating more business promotional videos for the world leader’s in antique fishing tackle – Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques.

We’ve been working with them to provide website photography along with this ever increasing video series that documents many relevant subjects, tapping into the encyclopedic knowledge of their front man, John Stevenson.

They book in a day’s filming at a time with a busy schedule of video creation to get the maximum value from their investment. They cover general training for new collectors, advice for the experienced collectors as well as showcasing some of their more interesting and valuable pieces to encourage potential clients to add them to their collection.

Their strategy for videos is to create a wide variety of highly professional content that offers real value to their followers, and also to drive business sales by raising the knowledge levels of the collectors so they feel confident in making further purchases.  They also offer trade in prices and purchase single items and collections so all the increased international website visitors increase their chances of snagging that valuable fishing tackle item.  They’ve also just started to include other professionals in the field to add value and interest for their viewers as well.

After an initial consultation, we’ve hit on a great formula for planning the day to maximise the amount of content they can create and so make the most of their video investment.

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